Progressive Healthcare Services

Discharge Planning
Avalanche Care specializes in coordinating patient discharges from hospitals and nursing facilities back into their homes.
Personal Assistance
Do you need assistance with home care for you or a loved one? Call us now for a free consultation.
Career Opportunities
Find a job working with the leader in home care. Administrative and bedside care positions available.

The Leaders In Home Healthcare

Avalanche Care’s mission is to deliver home care services to the chronically ill. By doing so we ensure that our patients maintain a high quality lifestyle while remaining in the community as opposed to medical institutions.

Our vision is to create a replicable system that reduces the home care costs while improving the care patients receive and their overall experience.
What We Do

Our Services

It all starts with a team effort between nurse case managers, your doctor, and discharge planners. This team comes together to design the best care plan possible allowing you or your loved one to live a vibrant healthy life from the comfort of home.
Personal Care
Our highly trained, professional home health aides are experienced, so they see what needs to be done and do it. They are at your service to welcome you with a friendly face, and knowledgeable hand, and an empathetic ear to help you cope with all your personal care needs.
Skilled Nursing
When a family member is recuperating from surgery or suffering from a chronic illness or medical condition, you need care delivered by a licensed nurse. Our highly skilled, registered nurses undergo regular training so they can handle all medical matters in your home
Physical Therapy
When your mobility is restricted, the things we take for granted - moving in and out of bed, or just standing up - become overwhelming. With at-home PT, our physical therapists can help you improve your strength, flexibility, coordination and balance with specific exercises.
Occupational Therapy
Injury, chronic illness, and sometimes, a stroke, can impair your fine motor skills. OT can help you regain facility at daily routines, such as eating, dressing, bathing and getting out and about.
Speech Therapy
Your ability to speak can be affected by a stroke, a brain injury, or an illness that affects the muscles that control swallowing and forming words. Our speech therapists create exercises to help you regain strength, understand and process what is being said, and provide strategies for communication.
Nutritionists Consult
We are what we eat! Our nutritionists work with our care management team and the clients we serve to ensure that your diet is designed to help you cope with your condition.
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